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About Sheryl

When I was in the 4th grade I won at art award at school. I got 4th place out of the entire school and was so thrilled! I still have that ribbon today. :) It was then that I fell in love with art. Though I didn't think I was that good at art, it was in high school that my art teacher took us to the golf course to teach us a few things using some old film cameras. That was when I knew, that God's gift to me in art was photography. My super amazing art teacher Mrs. Bishop was the one who helped me find confidence in my art and always encouraged me to create beyond what I thought I could do. When I had my first son, I put my management career aside to put my focus on raising my son and pursuing photography. The wonderful thing about photography that I absolutely love, is the ability to document ones beauty though a portrait as I see them and encourage others just as Mrs. Bishop encouraged me. I am blessed and thankful for the clients and friends that still come to me fourteen years later to do their family portraits and business photography. The created portraits and documentation of ones memories is a priceless, precious gift that many of the families I photograph for treasure. 

Simply said, I love what i do and thank God for this gift!